Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 12 of my 30 Day Photo Challenge

Day 12:  Post a photo of something you love.
This my Fur-Baby Out In The Snow Last Year

I just love my little Fur-Baby, Misty Morningstar II.  We didn't name her she came into our lives with that name.  The previous owner had already named her that so we kept it, but we just call her Misty.  She is a 6 year old Pure Bred Pomeranian.   She is my little baby and I just love her so much.  She is the perfect mix of cat & dog LOL  I was always a cat person but she has changed my mind.  She is also just the right size for me to pick up.  I couldn't imagine my life without her.  She loves her Mommy :-) She helps with that baby fix that I need.

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ArtMuse Dog and Carol said...

Great photos! Wow! Way to go! Over from Blog Frog ^_^


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