Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 5 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge

Day 5 ... Post a Photo of Your Favorite Memory

I guess you could say my favorite memory has to be from my wedding.  The whole day was so wonderful and full of so much love.  Not only did I marry my best friend but I goto celebrate my life with all the people I loved.
This photo is from our reception.  Left to right is Brian, Me, Sherry and Kermie.  Sherry was my phyiscal therapist and the first one to teach me how to walk when I was SO sick.  Kermie was also from Johns Hopkins (as was Sherry) and he took such good care of me.  I will NEVER forget how special I felt to know they were at my wedding,  The two of them repersented all of the WONDERFUL medical staff at Johns Hopkins who took such awesome care of me and got me to the point I am today.  God Bless You All!!
I just had to include these photos of some of the AMAZING people who took care of me when I was in the fight of my life with Leukemia.
Me and the Famous Dr. Mark Levis  The Man who saved my Life

Kermie carried me like a little baby

Marcie my very First Nurse -- She wiped my tears and gave me the life saving medicine I needed

Brenda was there when I really need her

Boyd -- Snow, Rain, or Dead of Night he was always there for me


Angel said...

Such a great story. And I am so glad to be on that great team of Johns Hopkins and it doesn't surprise me they took such good care of you. That's what we do for our patients :-)

Jennifer said...

Following you fron the Fab Friens Thursday blog hop! If you get a chance hop over and say hi at

Keep up the good work with the daily photo challenge!

MrsVega said...

Great memory post!
Thanks for the visit!
Stopped in to follow you back.

Nancy said...

Thank God for wonderful doctors!
So glad you are o.k.

New follower from the blog hop!
Hope you can hop by and follow me!

Cyn said...

Love your blog!
Hiya! Newest follower from the Thursday Hop-- please stop by and say hello! Would love if ya followed back!

Siv Maria said...

Sharing some blog love :)

TV's Take said...

So glad you are healthy again! Thanks for stopping by. Now following your blog.


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