Saturday, July 23, 2011

Do We Have A Deal For You ...................

Sorry, I haven't been on here lately.  Went out of town and then got a horrible toothache but now I am back.  Getting those creative juices flowing and working on a family reunion slideshow for a distant realitive, and got to thinking ...... So here is the Good News.....
Silver Lining Reflections is offering a Special Deal to all its Blog, Facebook and Twitter Followers:

50% off All Packages and Free Shipping.  Since we are only offering this special deal for our followers it will not be offered on our website.  Please contact me if you want to pay by credit card  If you are paying by local delaware check or cash or money order just make a note on your order form where you are following us from.
Slideshows of 75 digital pictures or less can be created and uploaded to our Password Protected Share Site or to Our You Tube Channel for $20.00.  Scanning can be done at $1.00 each.  If you have specific songs in mind let me know also and we will see how much that will cost.  Some music can be supplied for FREE -- e-mail me.
No changes will be made to these online slideshows and this is strictly online and NO DVD will be created.  Please send us an e-mail at if this deal interests you.

I am gonna go for now, but wanted to share!!

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